Welcome to Spinsanity!  We are a boutique spin studio located in Franklin Lakes, NJ next to the Market Basket, where you will find plenty of free parking.

Our studio offers the highest-level spin instruction from experienced certified instructors who deliver an amazing  cardio experience each and every ride.  We have 33 brand new state of the art spin bikes that will change your ride experience forever.  Track your workout on the MPower Echelon 2 lighted consoles which sync with most heart rate monitor straps.

Our caring staff will greet you with fresh towels, bottles of water and are there to assist with bike set-up.  There's even fresh fruit available in the lobby for replenishment.

Our instructors bring you new playlists, intense calorie crushing rides and a whole lot of FUN while getting your cardio done.  Their focus is always on your safety, enjoyment and of course an intense calorie burn. You will leave the studio feeling fit, amazing, energized, and proud of yourself.

Stop by, call, send us an email, we will promptly reply.  You can pay as you go, or we have a new rider package, 5, 10, & 25 ride packages, monthly and annual unlimited memberships and even family share packages.  We will set you up with what works best for YOU.



              LARISSA T.

Larissa is Mad Dogg Certified.

As an educator and athlete there are few things Larissa loves more than motivating and challenging others to find the strength they have within!

Larissa has a deep passion for music and loves creating classes where the connection between rhythm and physical movement meets on an intrinsic level for her riders.

Larissa's rides are based on a high intensity interval practice where strength, speed, and endurance meet heart pumping music that will literally have you dancing in and out of your saddles!


Victor is Mad Dogg certified.


Victor has been teaching spin for over 15 years.  When he's not on a spin bike he's a competitive adventure racer and triathlete.

How would we describe Victor's ride?  "A House Party on Wheels" or "South Beach on a Bike". He uses his DJ ingenuity to come up with unique mixes and mashups for ALL to enjoy.

Victor makes sure you get a great workout, but his MAIN concern is that you have FUN!!!

"Follow the beat with your feet"

Lauren D.



Julie is Schwinn Power, Mad Dogg and ACE certified.

Julie began teaching spin in Manhattan, back when spinning was just getting started and it’s been love ever since that first ride! She is a firm believer that indoor cycling helps develop an aerobic base which then enables riders to build upon endurance and strength for improving overall health, mood, and so much more than just a good SWEAT!  


As a mother of a very disabled daughter, she loves to coach and encourage people to use exercise to feel better including setting goals to measure their progress.  "Eighty percent of the effort is getting to the class – I want to help take you the rest of the way and share my love of music and promise to never let you hear the same playlist twice.”   

             JESSICA S.

"Jess" is a NASM certified personal trainer with background in gymnastics, cheerleading and high energy group fitness (indoor cycling, Zumba, kickbox, Piloxing & Barre).


 It is Jess’s mission to bridge the gap between exercise and art by riding to the rhythm and at the same time meeting you at your fitness level.  Her playlists include remixed classics, heavy EDM hits, throw backs and sometimes a little Latin heat! 


Her energy is truly contagious . . . Come be part of Jess’s “good vibe tribe” and experience a unique and blood pumping ride which will fire up your core, have you dancing on your bike, and of course, SWEATing away the calories!

               DANA K.

Dana is Mad Dogg Certified.


Saddle up, set your intentions, put those game faces on and get ready to work.  Dana is a classic rock girl at heart, but you will hear a variety of music that is carefully selected to be motivating and fun.

Dana loves creating theme rides and she is a jumping queen.  All she needs from you is to show up, get lost in the music and challenge your limits.

How will you know what you're capable of if you don't TRY?  After all, YOU are your only competition.  

"Now lets get on those bikes and ride"

              CHERYL R.

Cheryl has been certified in Spinning for over 10 years.  Her motto for her ride is "your mind is much stronger than your body."

Cheryl wants her riders to understand that your body is a machine and if your mind tells it to work hard, it will.  If you're in mentally, you'll be in physically.

Cheryl's playlists consist of current and not so current hits.  You'll hear anything from Pink (her favorite!) to Creed, to Flo Rida and much more.

Cheryl believes in the power of your gears with a lower cadence (RPM).

Max speed in her class is 99 and her lowest is 40.  But the gears can get as high as 18!

Are you up for it?  Tell your body it can do it and it will. 

              ADRIEN J.

"AJ" is Madd Dog certified and has been teaching spin for 12 years.  He is also a personal trainer specializing in body sculpting.


Hailing from Brooklyn, New York, AJ brings to his classes positive vibes, a contagious smile and a non-stop dance party. His classes combine music, dance, fight, power, and fun to create SOUL!


AJ’s motto is to forget about yesterday, don’t worry about tomorrow and live every second, every minute, every hour, of every single day in the present moment.


 “Clip in, Live in the moment, Enjoy the magic”

                JILL C.

Jill is Schwinn Power and Madd Dog certified, has been a passionate rider for over twenty years, a triathlete, an avid snowboarder, and has an AMAZING ear for music!  


Jill has turned her experience and passion for indoor cycling  and her incredible ear for music into a career she LOVES.  Her innate musical talent comes through in her playlists, as she carefully curates them with her riders in mind. These thoughtfully chosen beats blend perfectly with your pedaling and get you emotionally involved in the ride. 

Jill’s infectious smile, incredibly soothing voice and joy of riding promises the most fun cardio workout of your week! “The music starts and before you know it you’ll be drenched in SWEAT and feeling the joy.” 



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(Located next door to Market Basket - Ample Parking)